Sometimes you need motivation to do work, homework, laundry or even the dishes. Sadly, I needed motivation to turn my camera on today. Photography is an amazing hobby but you can’t always just grab the camera and go, you have to first put forth effort. I definitely believe in learning from experience but it isn’t fun to be flipping through settings or trying to figure out your ISO, aperture and shutter speed when you rather be quickly “capturing the moment” for the future then enjoying the experience in the present.

I love photography, but what good does it do you if you haven’t put time into it? I finally sat down today and said “I am going to express the unseen artistic beauty in this lighter and candle no matter how long it takes.” I flipped through every single setting on my camera and changed my manual settings about twenty times but in about five minutes I fairly successfully accomplished just that.

It is currently my mission to be capable of analyzing my atmosphere quickly so I can change settings and succeed in “capturing the moment” instead of changing my settings a hundred times.



I believe the eye is the most amazing camera, aperture, ISO and shutter speed work in incredible ways and at fast speeds. If it isn’t than why is it that even the worlds most advanced photographers can’t always make their picture look exactly the way they could see it in their mind and cannot fully capture the beauty of their subject. And not only is the eye the worlds greatest camera………


……it comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Only one creator can do that and it isn’t Canon, Sony or Nikon.


Tell me what you think!

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