Motivation Part 2


I have learned motivation is extremely important, a couple days ago I needed motivation to turn my camera on and learn which led to my mission to analyze the situation and immediately know what settings need to be changed. If you take motivation and my mission and put them together than what is the ideal situation to motivate me?

Trying to quickly take a picture so that you can eat! And it didn’t help that I had other people just as eager to eat as I was. Thankfully because of practice it didn’t take nearly as long as it could have. Hurray!



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  1. Beautiful Alannah !!! So interesting. You are amazing.
    We have enjoyed this. Do have a safe trip back to good
    ole USA. I saw you and Reny and Josiah a few years ago
    when Hilda took me to your place.
    Have a Blessed Easter. Love, (Aunt) Alice

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