Do You Know What You Are Eating?

I have been trying lots of new foods the last couple weeks. I try not to shy away from strange looking creatures that are set on the table. I often look at it and pop it into my mouth (even if it looks back) before i can think twice.

The other night I was sitting around a table with about eight others when my “neighbor” leaned over and asked:

“Do you know what you are eating?”

The last several times this question was asked I replied “No, wait one second and then you can tell me.” Then AFTER I finish my food i am taken down the glorious path of explanation to what I ate and even sometimes how it was prepared. For some reason this time I felt adventurous thinking “It can’t be that bad” so I replied “nope” in a tone that indicated a description was gladly invited.

“That is jellyfish.”

I was shocked considering I thought it was some strange kind of noodle but jellyfish isn’t that exotic. It did perhaps prepare me for the pigs tongue, sharks fin, lobster and chicken (which included the head) that followed .


I am so thankful that I am not picky when it comes to trying new things and above all else that wonderful Mr. Wang enlightened me from the suspense of the unknown.


Thank you very much sir!



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  1. Wonderful depth of field in the photo of Mr. Wang.

    And way to go with trying and enjoying so many things! I tried to try when I was there…but just couldn’t get a few things past my eyes or nose.

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