Paint Your Shade

When summer comes to an end the grasses’ vibrant greens dim, birds lighten the intensities of their joyful songs, airs warm breezes turn to crisp bites, and leaves begin to display their beauty. Vibrant colors dance on the trees as every shade of orange and red you can possibly imagine paint the fields, streets, mountains, hills, and horizon beautiful colors.

It sounds so beautiful, correct? You probably love the view, just as I do; however, something sad happens, and though it can happen slow, or at the blink of an eye, the beautiful leaves fall to the ground and no longer paint the sky. As you were admiring the colors and beauty of the leaves they were slowly dying. IMG_0242

A  tree alone is not always a remarkably beautiful thing; nevertheless, it produces flowers, fruits, and leaves that capture both your eyes and breath before landing on the ground to die and decay.

I’m a leaf in this world. I am a sinner. I am a broken mess. I am the only one who exists and ever will exist who can paint the world with the shade I paint with. I am unique. I am adequate to serve by God’s grace and with His love and forgiveness. I only get one chance. I will sooner or later have my last dance in this world. I will die just as a leaf does, and the only thing I will be remembered by is the shade I painted the world with. May 2016 be a year of painting the shade He desires me to paint, a year of dancing for Him, and a year of serving Him.

Paint your shade… you are the only one capable of doing so.


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